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Ken McGrew
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Not a diversion, Mr. McGrew. An attempt at pointing you in the direction for research. With all due respect, you have yet to show that you have a good grasp of Aikido History, Morihei Ueshiba's history, or my posting history.

Just as an example, I have multiple posts stating that I thought highly of what Kisshomaru accomplished. The answers to your entire post #62 can be found in my previous posts. So, obviously, you have not read all the relevant posts. Your view of aikido history is skewed, at best. We are trying, earnestly, to point you in the right direction. Whether you accept that is entirely up to you.

Your responses, Dan's, and Chris's are beginning to appear intentionally disingenuous. Also cowardly. When asked to qualify your positions or answer specific questions you say look at my earlier posts. Why are you on a discussion forum at all if you won't discuss? The three of you could just email each other. I've read the earlier posts, Mark, and you and your partners couldn't construct a readable paragraph much less a coherent argument to save your life. It's not my fault that I can't read your mind.