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Ken. It's very simple really. They are trying to prove that the internal stuff or aiki that Takeda had is the same that O'Sensei had and used as Aikido.

Completely false in my opinion, but they are trying to prove it. That's the nub of the matter as I see it.

Such bits of data as O'Sensei was largely retired after the war or even that in his later years didn't really have much to do with teaching Aikido to me are completely false.

It's best to let them get on with it for obviously it is their path.

Actually, it's all out there for people earnestly looking. From actual times that the training classes were held at Tokyo hombu, to who was there and when, to the places that Ueshiba travelled to teach, to when and how long he was in Iwama, to students talking about what Ueshiba did when he actually was on the mat, to ... well, pretty much everything contradicts your entire post.