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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

By and large the uke/tori paradigm of training, at least as expressed in most aikido dojos, promotes stiff resistance or sloppy compliance. i have been hearing for 20 years that the waza are a vehicle for learning the "essence" of Aiki, and yet my experience of that within mainstream aikido has been minimal. However, in training with Akuzawa, and more recently with Dan, the experience was obvious. I am fortunate that my current Shihan was a direct student of Ueshiba, and does demonstrate his art with more than just mechanical competence but it is still very difficult to extract his internal methodology.
Why are so many people in aikido fearful of the idea that some people may be rediscovering what Aiki is, (bearing in mind the many Chinese arts that still practice and demonstrate internal power.
At least in free sparring in the form of pushing hands when there is no decision beforehand about who does what, it is very quickly revealed who has the mastery at that moment. Put your egos aside and get out and experience what is possible. Less time at the keyboard and more time on the mat!

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