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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
but really it is the journey that is most important, and not the journey's end. Peace.
I am glad we are discussing things at this point as THE same journey.

Just to be clear, training what Dan is teaching is not the journey's end either - it just makes the journey a much more interesting journey. Further, what has been the issue on other threads is if the various paths on "the journey" all go to the same place, and really if the typical path of aikido has any realistic chance of ever getting anywhere near where you are trying to go in comparison to the path of someone directly studying along side of aikido.

I believe discussing the path of someone directly studying along side of aikido is more the intent of this thread as opposed to any more debates about the theories (which can be done and have already been done to death in many many other threads).

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