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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

I didn't even know that was in question.

it is refering to internal power, internal skills, and the use of them to the degree that Osensei had developed and hopefully beyond. A good description of internal power was just quoted:

I think managing opposing forces and lines in your body, makes the addition of their force just an 'addition" to the forces you are already managing. This is the "why" in why you don't feel you have to do much to manage them. The better and more efficient you become at it, the less you worry about their force. I think that is an easier way to "say it" or see what is happening. When they think they have you-you have them, sort of thing. This is of course, without starting to discuss enhanced manipulations of forces and directive forces. Zero balance or central equilibrium is just the start of some interesting fun down the road.
and a description of how to be qualified to say you have it to some degree was given (I linked to it in a previous post in this thread) as well:

The thread is "where we are at" - and the answer is starting to look like the various levels of grief. I can almost pick out each post and assign: anger, depression, bargaining, denial, or acceptance.

where anger is: how dare you say what I'm doing isn't valid enough or whatever flavor of that

depression is: I can't believe I wasted 30 years of my life training so hard and I missed it

bargaining is:
a) Well, we do some breathing in our classes, and that is part of internal power - can we say we are do the same thing as you?
reply: no.
b) Well, we also have unbendable arm! Now can we say we are doing the same thing as you?
reply: no.
c) Well, I'm looking at this from some other angle maybe we are talking past each other.
eventual reply: okay what can you do and how long does it take your students to be able to do it too?
... generally no much of a response to that....
followed with: forget it lets meet

denial is:
a) You are not defining things well enough in writing!
reply: You have to feel it for the same reasons you yourself most likely would have told someone else you can't learn aikido in a book
b) Well if you can't define it perfectly, it doesn't exist
reply: but I can do all these things I never could do before training this way, and look at what the people who've been training this way longer than me can do...
c) well, what about that is necessarily aikido?!
best reply to that so far:

and acceptance is:
a) wow thanks! how come no one showed me this stuff
or see depression...

I thought the point of this thread was for the people who made it to acceptance, and we were going to argue the various other options in other threads. But, maybe I got it wrong.


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