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Re: Making sense of aikido lineage/associations

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
You are indeed correct. My certificates, after 4th Dan have all come from Hombu Dojo (my earlier certificates were from Saotome Sensei directly - before the rapprochement) and we all have the standard passports... although mine is one of the old ones that doesn't have the cool Doshu pictures...
- George
I got a passport somewhere. George the folks are looking forward to your seminar at the Shindai Dojo in July in Orlando. (Are You Nuts) you know how hot it is here in July? Why you let them talk you into a summer seminar I don't know but I'm looking to get out that time of year. Hay maybe I could go to your dojo in July

Peter, I do not believe there is a problem with the ASU not being listed in the Hombu web site it was just a misunderstanding among a few folks as to the nature of the relationship. We, that is the senior teachers in the ASU, needed to pass along information we never thought to pass along.

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