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graham christian
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Re: The Empty Body

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
Thank you, Graham!

Even in the "skin is structure" model - there is nothing in the body. No bones, no muscles, no tendons, no fascia... I mean where do we stop with those kinds of descriptions? Because if we've gotten all the way down to fascia - why stop there. Let's keep going! Chemical elements, atoms, neutrinos, protons, electrons, quarks, strings - oh, strings of what? Energy? Oh, snap. There's that energy stuff again.
Hi Dan. Yes, things can be made too complex and complicated. I have a view and it's more to do with the mind. When a person is not facing things comfortably then they make them complicated.

By the way the basic principles from yin and yang and circles etc can be seen in operation when viewing an atom too. No difference.

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