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My Girlfriend Theory of Martial Arts

I've dabbled with a few martial arts through my life. One day, it occurred to me my experience mirrored that of romantic relationships.

You see, one day this movie about a kid learning karate came out. And well, children get to a certain age and they want to experiment. They want to emulate. So, I joined karate. That didn't last long. It was pretty much the first kiss. The uncomfortable, unexperienced but certainly common experience growing up. It, of course, didn't last long.

Move on to High School. Messing around with friends who have done other arts. Nothing serious, no real classes. Just sparring, drills, having fun. Casual dating. Nothing lasting longer than a date or two.

Then college comes and I meet a girl named Aikido. It's wonderful. She's sweet, smart, skilled, and pretty. But we really only date during the school semester, as I leave for home during summers. And after school? Well, we have our own lives. It's sad and we try a long distance relationship but it's just not going to work out.

Nothing much for awhile, but I do hear of someone called Historical European Martial Arts on the internet. Unfortunately, they don't live nearby and long distance relationships didn't work before. Still, I try travelling a bit but it's just not worth it. We stay friends though.

Then I meet the other major woman in my life: pentjak silat. Oh my goodness. She is wild! The whole relationship is just crazy. Crazy fun. But mostly crazy. We fight, break up, get back together. Needless to say there are reasons I keep going back, despite the craziness. Wink wink, nudge nudge. But it can't last. Finally there's one last big fight and I storm out.

After moping for awhile I go back out on the market and discover Aikido is back around. We tentatively meet back up and the sparks fly again. And this time, I really think we can make this work. Oh, there's difficulty. My job gets in the way and I might have to move. But we do what we can when we can and she can go with me this time.

This just might be the one!
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