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Re: Off nights - is it just me?

Jeremy Cassidy wrote: View Post
Today is the day after my off night! I dont mean taking the night off, i mean i totally didnt get anything last night.

Basics that I know how to do, just weren't happening last night... im hoping that others have this too. I couldnt believe that i forgot simple moves like omote and ura ( i kept doing ura when i was suppose to do omote )

At least i knew what nikkyo was, that was my saving grace!

I know my tenkans suck, but last night i learned because my hamstrings are too tight, i cant do a proper tenkan, the way my sensei wants me too. He wants me to stretch my leg back more, yet i cant or else ill pull a muscle.

I guess in retrospect I did learn some things last night, I learned on my off nights, i am not there both mentally and physically.

Here is hoping that thurs night will bring a better training session.
Do not worry

I hear this all the time by other people in the dojo.

I even feel sometimes that I was really crap

I guess everyone is allowed to be, or feel he was crap,

once, or twice or, lots and lots of times


Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ , What Flows, Is.
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