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Re: The Essence of Training

Carina Reinhardt wrote: View Post
Maybe Carsten, but think that life is so short, ...
I think the whole life lies in every given second. So life isn't short but it is now. It is in every moment.
And I don't think I have to or want to enjoy life but I have to and want to fill it, to live it.

... you must try to enjoy aikido as well as your work ...
I'm doing neither my job nor aikido to enjoy them. But I chose both because I think it is the "right" way for me, to fill my live, to give it a sense, to not waist my time on earth ... to live my live.

... and taking care of your family.
This is very interesting to me:
My "patchwork" family (does this term exist in english?) is like a network that holds me, gives me power, enrichens me. I always experienced "familiy" as people who take care of me and not the other way round. And because we all take care of another, there are a whole lot of possibilities for everyone of us.

So even if you train very hard aikido, you should enjoy it.
Wel, hard training indeed is very enjoyable.
But when you live aikido for some time, a lot of conflicts emerge, there moments to cry because this or that happens, there are times when you have to make hard decissions, to leave someone or something behind.
I seldom see my now teacher, I have to take care for myself. There are questions among us higher graded students. and so on.
At the moment we try to get a dojo for ourselves, for our aikido-club.
My former teacher tried to make this dream come true in 1998 and the club split. Some years ago I left this teacher.
Now it is me to try to give our club a own dojo ...

All that said:
Yes, you are right!
I enjoy very much living live this way.

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