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Ethan Weisgard
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Re: What is the correct hand placement when do kote gaeshi?

Hello Phuong Vu,

The correct way of using the hand in kote gaeshi is the way the given Sensei is showing it ;-)
Each Sensei has his / her reasons for doing it their way. I am from the Iwama lineage, and the NY Aikikai form that you have shown in the second clip is very much like the way we do it - there are small differences in body posture and the height that we do the kote geashi from (we try to keep our hand / uke's hand in front of our center when throwing), but the points that the instructor is making regarding hand placement etc. is very much like the Iwama form. If you look carefully, the Shishiya Sensei form is the same, once he gets to the actual kote gaeshi. The entrance (tai sabaki) is different - this tai sabaki is very characteristic of the Nishio Sensei lineage. They have their reasons for moving this way, that are very much based on the sword work that is used in this style.
So when training in dojos where there are different forms being shown by different Sensei - do Aikido: awase! Go with the flow. There is a saying in Japanese: "II toko tori": take the good parts ;-)

In aiki,
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