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Re: Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo suburi

Saito Sensei was teaching Ken tai Jo back in the 1970s. They are the original forms, and can be found in the Traditional Aikido book series, volume 2. There were 10 forms. They are fascinating to train. There is very little contact weapon against weapon. You can also see how some of the forms were used in the newer Kumi Jo forms.

Sensei later on made the new versions of the Ken tai Jo, based on the three parrying forms: Choku Barai, Kaeshi Barai and Kaiten Barai. I believe these were made around early to mid 1980s.

It is great that these old videos are making their way out to the public - thanks to many of the people who were in Iwama during these very special years for sharing their personal recordings, and also thanks to Stanley Pranin for being the man who people use as the medium to bring this important footage out there.
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