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Budo and Buddhism

I am currently enrolled in a Buddhism class and am currently seeking new directions to take my study of Buddhism and the martial arts. As of current, I have written one paper reconsiling the views of budo and buddhism, with the focus being military (ie, violence) and peace, the thesis being essentially:
How could those who devoted their life to the destruction of others call themselves Buddhist and thereby spread the religion? How could Zen come to not only aid, but represent, the budo, or martial way, of the samurai class?
The full paper is available here:

The main topics I touched on were:
Budo (definition)
Shu Ha Ri
Mushin no Shin
Satsujinken/Katsujinken (swords that kills, sword that gives life)

I specificly stuck with the romanticized notion of Bushido (hey, I'm an engineering student, not a philosopher!) for the purposes of the first paper, though I am aware of the discrepencies in this model. I can always use this knowledge for further research and provide a counterpoint to my first paper, but I don't feel that this is quite enough material, nor exactly the direction I'd prefer to go in. I'm sure there are concepts that link budo and buddhism that I have missed, and I know there is the entire world of Chinese martial arts. While I am doing my own research, I see no harm in taking this one to the polls and using you guys as a focus group to at least point out a new direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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