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Thanks for noticing. The correction is correct. I study Tenshinkai under Phong Sensei, not Ten Shin as taught by Segal Sensei. IMHO, Aikido is basically all the same technqiues with different enphasis on certain aspects or applications. Even Segal Sensei says its all O'Sensei Aikido.

I train in the morning class with others who have been in the martial arts for a long time. Phong Sensei hold high dans in other arts too. So we train pretty rough in comparison to even others at our school.

If you have the Aiki Expo Demo videos you can compare styles. Phong Sensei was the first demo on Saturday (vol. 2). There was a demo by Segal Sensei old uke who has since reaffliated with the Aikikai. If they set a date for the Aiki Expo next year, attend, it was a great time experiencing different styles and Senseis. I made 15 out of 17 possible classes in 2.5 days.

All this different style distinction make me appreciate the similiarities.

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