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Smile Ten Shin

This question is more directed towards Lynn S. (He's the only one on this forum that I know takes Ten Shin Aikido)

First would be, why don't many people take Ten Shin Aikido? Is it the intensity of the training or lack of Dojo's?

A friend of mine who studied with Reynosa Sensei showed me some techs from Tenshin....and I have to say I was quite impressed, I was only shown a few things, but I don't question the effectivness of that style, I could tell by what he was doing that it could work in an actual situation.

I'm very interested in Ten Shin Aikido, so my second question is, What are the difference between Ten Shin and Aikikai. The techs all that much different? Though I can't take it now because there's no Dojo around me who teaches that style, I'm still curious as the differences and training styles...

Thank you much...
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