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Re: What Is Love, Aikido Style

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
And I guess since I'm back on this thread I'll offer this quote

"Aikido manifests a way to order the world to be united as one family.
It is to help God build a paradise on earth. The unity of the world comes from the unity
of each country, and the unity of a country depends upon that of each family. As a unit of the
universe as well as a part of a family, each person should fulfill his duty to unite the world.
What he should first do is training himself well enough for that purpose. Without completing
one's training, it is impossible to be of service to God.
Every creature on the earth pursues its own way. Even if it is an animal or a plant, its
way should not be thwarted. This is the law of Nature. Obey Heaven and God. Respect others
and yourself. That is the spirit of Aikido."


OK, now I'm supposed to say, "Hmm, that's interesting, but..." then you say...
..."but what?"
But... you already know what I'm going to tell you.

And she doesn't tell him. In the end he has to find it out for himself.

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