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Re: What Is Love, Aikido Style

Hey, to each is his own, I am not here to tell a man he can't believe what he wants. If you are to insert your own spirituality and reject O'Sensei's in their dojo, then there is no argument from me. But, if someone doesn't completely replace O'Sensei's philosophy with their own philosophy and instead interprets his writings, with there own meanings and contexts, then they are distorting Aikido. In example, that would be Love. I don't know what O'Sensei was really getting at when he use the word love. But I know it doesn't mean "love thy neighbor as thy self."

To put the Christian context of love, and saying that is what O'Sensei meant by love is bassackwards. He didn't mean it like since logically he wasn't a Christian. Basically, with a little digging on the amateur level a better argument would be for love is it is more akin to social behavior opposed to that of the past history of Japan. Or in terms of psychology, as I don't believe O'Sensei was trained in western psychology.

I have no issue with for example a Christian replacing O'Sensei's philosophy, What I think this is important is people can't go around spouting Doka's or O'Sensei's writing, and putting their own meaning and context behind it, then saying that is what O'Sensei meant. Like something very common and familiar as the word love.

Again on a basic llevel, love could have many different and coded meains when O'Sensei wrote it. I think it is important for people to know that O'Sensei's philosophy isn't something that can easily be understood. That it is so difficult and abstract that even scholars of Aikido have difficulty understanding what O'Sensei meant. Therefore, so does everyone else. And that should be known, right?
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