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Re: What Is Love, Aikido Style

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
It is pretty evident to me just based on the context of what O'Sensei's war and post war experience, how he was for peace in society. In case then love could have meant peace, or anti-fuedalism. That is peace on a global scale and not a mirco-scale such as mediation, or mental etc.

And the scholar I mention is a seasoned and well respected Aikidoka.

I hope that clears it up.
Again, where issues collide is where Onisaburo and Osensei (by extension or exposure) affiliated themselves with ideas that were global (at the least) in nature. And, this, is only relevant to those current practitioners that have a stake in preserving what has passed - which I have to admit, for me, is not the reason for establishing a historical context to Osensei's thought. As, for me, as a practitioner, not as a historian, the real question is what do I mean by relating Love to Aikido (or vice versa) and not what did Osensei mean.

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