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Re: What Is Love, Aikido Style

I got an email from a friend who read by post here, and corrected me saying, "it isn't Bess Brown, it is Brown Bess" and I could know better. I told him, yep I know it was done on purpose to make a point.

Then I was reading on another martial arts board that a well-knew scholar and researcher with solid credentials mine you, also has to trouble shoot O'Sensei's writing for the proper context O'Sensei had in mind. I am not going that far, I am just looking at what had a strong influence upon O'Sensei spiritual to give some kind of understanding that his use of the idea of Love ain't what is familiar to most non-Japanese who didn't live at the time he used the word. I am betting most Japanese have trouble with that Turkey Shoot too. I just don't want to throw everything but the kitchen sink by default at what O'Sensei's meant by love. Looking the possibility there was a double meaning to love and it doesn't include a non-Japanese idea of love, or another religious definition, or a psychological definition, and isn't left up to personal interpretation does help me. It helps me to know that it wasn't about compassion as seen by Christians or Buddhists, and alike. Love used by O'Sensei may have more then one meaning too. What where those possible other meaning, and what what his meaning, so far, it isn't about romance, or the 60's cultural revolution, [pick a famous guru or indian self help author] indian spirituality, or the Dali Lama. I think the meanings maybe unique to O'Sensei.

Sources... gee, many different posts, old AikiNews sitting on a friend's coffee all over sometime ago.

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