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What Is Love, Aikido Style

In the thread Violence under the Pretext of Love I talked about how I think O'Sensei meant by Love. I think I wrote pretty good pieces on that ( I am wildly ducking now- waiting for the criticism to fly. If anyone cares that is).

With ego in hand, I want to expand on why I think O'Sensei's idea of love came from. Purely to get other's opinion's of course.

Because I will be talking about Onisaburo I feel it is appropriate this should be in the Spiritual Forum.

If Onisaburo words always had multiple meaning, and I am assuming this isn't something new for Japanese writers, and like Shioda said it was common for samurai to write and speak in code, etc. then it can squarely be assumed that O'Sensei also wrote in the same way of having many meanings to what he wrote. And Onisaburo believed in "The Japanese spirit" which to him when he wrote it has one really interesting profound meaning that may have been carried through to O'Sensei. This is what make it so difficult to understand what O'Sensei meant by love because there maybe more than one meaning or definition.

Onisaburo said, it was a fighting spirit that had to do with fighting those who where against Japan's liberty and independence-Japanese patriotism of the time, plus the culture of Japan; pro-modernism. He was against the unreasonable and unjust and about defending the rights of the weak ( politically and those needing human rights?). Plus, it also meant it had to do with fighting against those pro-war and anti-peace, and those not observing human rights.

"The Japanese spirit" explained by Onisaburo might give us insight to what O'Sensei was talking about when he spoke of love. O'Sensei may have not meant love thy neighbor as thy self like I first interpreted at all.

Absurd, brilliant or on the mark or off?

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