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Re: Suckerpunched, ouch

My questions
1.) How do I intervene without getting suckerpunched? How do I hold my hands? My feet?
2.) what techniques can you use in a narrow aisle?
3.) How in the world do karate folks not mange thier hands in fights? I only punched that guy some 10-12 times and my knuckles and right hand appeared as if broken for the first 4 days after that, now only my index knuckle feels as if it may have been damaged.
1. Take up a good fighting stance, one foot in front, keep your hands at the very least at waist height and in the centre of your body. I like to have them in front of my solar plexus.
2. Depends how wide the aisle is and where he's standing in it. Anything that goes through your opponent will work though, knees, elbows, straight punches and kicks. They aren't Aikido per se but atemi in any form is atemi I suppose and if it comes down to it, smacking the proverbial out of your opponent is a valid way of defending yourself. Aikido wise I'd be thinking about tenchi nage, something like that.
3. They hit a makiwara board to strengthen the hand. Try hitting with the palm heel, just as good, less likely to break stuff.
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