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Re: Suckerpunched, ouch

Robert John wrote:
Except for the fact that he doesn't actually describe the body mechanics in those terms when he teaches.
I'm only talking about his definition of what ki/chi is. He and I say the same things.

You like to go on about body mechanics, but the truth is none of that ki stuff works "without" proper body alignment. It's there in basic aikido, basic taiji, but also in "natural" human movement as we see in babies if the baby hasn't been traumatized. Humans naturally move correctly, just like lions and tigers naturally move correctly. It's bad education that takes us away from that.

Wow, for once we might be in agreement ??!
Since I've always said what your heroes say, I don't know why you ever felt it necessary to try to disagree.

And by whole arm, I'd specify the "whole arm" as it relates to both arms, and not singular arm that is delivering the strike.
It's both arms, the torso, the waist, the knees, the ankles and feet, the head, the eyes, the fingertips. If the whole body is not one responsive unit, there's no sense trying to strike anyone with your hand. It will have no root, no power and no safety.

Rogue buddha, who started this thread, seems to have had all that well established. He just wasn't prepared to move "with" the attacker. He was a little too static, but later he deflected a wooden high chair thrown at him, by using "ki arms". The truth is, aikido is really simple and its the teaching method that makes it appear obscure and keeps the student blinded to the simplicity.

Nice post David.

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