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Futari Gake

lets keep it shallow see how we go!
Recently I was at play in our dojo in Futari Gake, just a combo of some Yokomenuchi kotegaeshi irimi/tenkan.
A regular play, but different waza each day.
In this particular play I went for an evasive outlook,(rather than a head on approach),guess you could say I was mixing it up! I used one ukemi to evade an attack from another direction, moving in 8 as we are taught. I played the whole game this way. In doing this I was evading well against a highly ranked student in our dojo.
Sensei called a halt and after I was about to take seiza thats when the highly ranked student decided to take a sword strike toward my lower legs.(Well after senseis call)
Does anyone think this was out of place? Being a gajiin here in Japan ,I have no idea what to think of this, but find it in a moral kind of way downright disrespectful. But I am sure sensei keeps his notes. Please advise? I am certain the student respects me but I am confused ?

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