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Originally posted by Don_Modesto
Hi, Jun. Was pleased to meet you on the mat at Ikeda's session in LV.
Likewise here, Don! I hope we'll have more chances in the future throwing each other around (or, more likely, you throwing me around and my trying, again, to throw you around!).
About your post, I've wondered about this before--could you give a example of irimi ura or tenkan omote technique?
I guess the easiest to see would be iriminage ura where nage enters deeply behind uke, breaks uke's balance to his/her rear (causing them to do the "curly shuffle"), then throws them when they get back up. Compare this to iriminage omote where nage enters to uke's front (most often in response to something like yokomenuchi) then completes the technique while remaining "in front" of nage.

Ikkyo can also be done in the four combinations of irimi/tenkan and omote/ura. I remember our very own Chuck Clark showing me these differences the first time I trained with him at the first Aikido-L Seminar in 1998. Maybe he can provide a good verbal explanation?

I, unfortunately, missed Peter's first class at the Expo and instead waited until his last one (where I had to "tap out" due to dehydration, low blood sugar, and a raging headache)... It was great to take your class and to be thrown the length of several tatami from you, Goldsbury sensei! I hope I'll have the opportunity to train and talk with you again some day soon.

-- Jun

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