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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

Coming from an Aikido Sensei for a number of years,and a sports coach, teaching kids in both activities, as well as having kids of my own who are grown, and played sports instead of martial arts. I have done everything I could when it came to building either an athlete or a martial artist. I will tell you I had lots of complaints, and disgruntled behavior displayed as a result of my coaching style and style as a sensei. It comes with the territory when you are in a leadership position.

Sometimes it is hard to brake an attitude that is not useful to a student or player. To humble them as stuff goes to their head, to scold them, or insult them because the get the idea the can do things better. Sometimes be being rough on a student or player brings out their best. There are a lot of attitudes a coach or sensei has to mange.

If profanity is used in terms of curse words, racist terms and sexual language that is the line. Other wise, as my coach told me, "suck it up."
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