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Re: Back Problems

Ahmad Abas wrote:
. . .spinal fluid from one of the disc (in this case 3rd or 4th disc) has escape its encapsulation. The fluid touches the nerves and causes nerve pain. I think Kevin's summary touched a nerve (pardon the pun). I'm on the desk most days in a week for like 4-5 hours stretch and 8-9 hours at least in total a day. Whenever I realise it, I will stop slouching but I don't think its a cure.
My apologies! I went straight to "bulging disk" and missed what you were actually saying.Meanwhile, perhaps un-slouching is not a cure, but perhaps you'd settle for a preventative? You must see a back specialist! -- meanwhile, take care not to irritate and shorten other muscles and Kevin is so right about damage of long sitting.
I can't really put my feet together without using a lot of muscle. . . my aikido time has taken a nose dive. . . tried kicking with a swim board. That was no good, gave me back pain
"Can't put feet together" how?? Is that standing? Sitting on your sitzbones and unable to bring soles of feet together? COULD be severely tight hip muscles which can cause ghastly pain -- but insufficient data/description. Can't practice with a bum back! But you must see the best back specialist you can find -- not something to mess with (or trust to Unknown Persons on the Internet).

That said, gluteus medius would make it difficult to bring your feet together while standing, give you severe low back pain, and would be strained while carrying a heavy weight upstairs along with its buddy gluteus maximus which would also object to swimming a flutter kick. Psoas (again, shortened by long sitting) can also produce local pain -- it need not extend as far up the back as shown. If it were me, I would have a very good bodyworker look at all the hip rotators, glutes, and psoas. If pain increases on coughing also check quadratus lumborum (commonly injured in twisty sword exercises, golf, in guys who put on their pants one leg at a time -- and a common cause of baffling but horrendous low back pain). And see a Real Time back specialist!

Good luck!
Carol Shifflett
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