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Re: No Touch Throws

ok, i don't know how all this messaging stuff works here but as far as no touch throws your all way off. first of all they do exist. second of all it is not at all what you think. no, nothing telekinetic. not,a forced duck out of the way is not a throw.
really, it's more of a leading their mind morw than they are aware they are being led and it takes skill. if you are running and grabbing for my hand and i can keep it just out of your grip and you get so focused on my hand that you don't even realizing you are going to lose your balance they you fall. other than that i have seen a good ,wel placed,kia or shout, halfway thru a technique buckle someone's knees. that was cool to see.that is it. don't look any further. it isn't there. sorry.
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