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Re: Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
Simply put,
The Internet is the hardware and the www (World Wide Web ) is one of many types of software that uses the hardware to transmit information.
And it all runs through a backbone created and maintained by the US government. They have access to every electron that flows through it. And Cheney had his nose deep in your private areas for the past eight years.

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
The legislation would allow the government's control of the private property deemed critical for national security and during a cyber emergency in the United States require the private entities to give private information to the government. The government is the one that decides whose private property is critical and the president decides the cyber emergency and can exercise undefined powers.
Kevin has already explained this to you in more polite terms. The government already has all that access and all that control and Bush made those decisions without oversight and without limit for the past eight years. You're just now realizing, I don't expect that you'll catch on to the real deal anytime soon.

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