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Re: Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Ummm DARPA invented the internet, so it is just an lllusion that it is "free" anyway. What makes you think the Government hasn't had the ability to do this all along anyway? The bill just formalizes the ability that the Government has had all along anyway.

I don't think it is a big deal as there is alot to be lost if and when this decision was ever made. I think in the event of National Security most folks would probably "Forgive" the intrusion as a sacrifice that is necessary.

Again, if and when this was done it would affect the economy and the level of trust.

Sort of like having the Big Red Button for the Nukes. Our government has the power whether we like it or not....but we trust them to make the right decision since it is a big one.

At some point I believe, we just have to admit that this level of power exsist out there and be mindful of it.

Bill is probably more protective of our rights than if we didn't have it. At least it will codify the trigger points.

Again, don't assume that this power has not exsisted before now...we have always possessed the ability to control the internet...remember it is a DARPA thing!

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