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Taisabaki and Ueshiba

This is taken from Aiki News Issue 087

There is an article with Interviews with Nishimura and Sakurai.

Nishimura Sensei wrote:
People who had done kendo were deeply interested in Ueshiba Sensei's taisabaki (body movement) and came to learn from him.
Up to now, I've been reading articles and thinking taisabaki was actually, as the article put in parenthesis, body movement. You know, how the body moved physically. But, the longer I thought about it, the more I wondered if they didn't mean the internal structural body skills.

I mean kendo people and high ranking kendo people already trained how to move. Really, I can't see them going to Ueshiba just to relearn how to move their body in their kendo practice. So, if it isn't basic body movement, then what was it? A way of moving the body that kept them centered on contact, perhaps? Core body structure in movement? Hmmm ...
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