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How to Make Sure Your Kids Suck at Aikido

How to Make Sure Your Kids Suck at Aikido:

- Hold quitting as a viable option.

- Hold the child's whims, fancies, wants, and desires, as elements worthy of weighing when considering if your child should start Aikido, continue Aikido, and/or quit Aikido.

- Diffuse your child's Aikido training with an abundance of other culturally motivated pursuits (e.g. music, baseball, football, soccer, etc.).

- Fail to firmly uphold the position that there is no "on" and "off" the mat (i.e. all virtues gained and cultivated on the mat are expected to be held and further cultivated off the mat).

- Fail to address your child's physical wellness in terms of their strength to weight ratio, flexibility, and endurance.

- Fail to clearly, directly, and immediately address all demonstrations of half-effort, poor concentration, and improper mindset.

- Don't have them train as much as possible.

David M. Valadez
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