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Re: Fighting Mind vs Warrior Mind

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
He's a writer of fiction, Graham. He's got a good grasp of military history, and I'm sure he could cite many examples for you of warrior societies in which it was far more than the "odd arrogant one" who was a glory-seeker. As for Maasai and samurai "warriors", that's history if you're rigorous -- if you take the trouble to study and find out what they were really like, instead of telling yourself fancy stories. It's not here and it's not now. People love that word "warrior", but what do they even mean by it, and what relevance does it have to the contemporary reality of their lives? I think in most cases, it's a tenuous connection at best.
Mary,I know it's fiction but you used the writer as an example didn't you?

Read the original post properly and you'll find it's about two different states of mind.

As far as warriors go in relation to the topic and just for you bringing it up to nearer present time I could give you a big list. It's nothing to do with male or testosterone either.

In fact I would say Florence Nightingale and Mother Theresa are good historical examples. The woman I saw in the Egypt conflict recently who just set up a stall with medical equipment out in the open whilst all the fighting was going on around her was also a great example.

You could have Ghandi, Mandela, Buddha, Jesus. You could have people you know. None of those busied theirselves fighting and arguing and blaming and complaining. They decided and acted without fear, with compassion and immovable mind and not may I add for glory.

True warriors all. Then along come the fighters and fight about it.
Same ol same ol.

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