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Re: Fighting Mind vs Warrior Mind

Robin Johnson wrote: View Post
Aw man, Tony. I'm too old for military service. As a young man, I worked 5+ years as a carpenter (framing houses and office buildings), so verbal abuse doesn't even register with me and enduring physical suffering and discomfort I understand to a fair degree. I even understand what its like to suffer or risk harm to prevent a more serious injury or death to someone else - because I did more than once.

But calling me "humorless" - now that really hurts. You and Henry are funny - but I was just trying to point out that it comes across the wrong way.
Mary - Ah... I understand your point better now. Admittedly, I readily enjoy squabbling over the meaning of things.

Hi Robin,

There's not a massive amount of humour to be had here on Aikiweb, we all seem to take things pretty seriously. Fun does get poked, but it is pretty kyu grade stuff. There are a few high grades around, at the monent Phi Truong is easily the best practitioner, his technique is pretty effortless. He can playfully burst a pompus bubble with a sharp observation. Irreverence, cheek and a healthy dollop of self depreciation, a true jestoka.

Tony and Henry are a bit like Statler and Waldorf (but without the benefit of script writers), when they get going. I hope they have sense of humour enough to see the funny side of that

There was a brit on here a while back (Ian Hurst - Happysod), now he was funny. Come back Ian, we need you...

playful regards


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