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Re: Starting aikido?

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I know MT and aikido are totally different. Is aikido good for self defence? Not to use to fight someone, I mean if your attacked. I don't want to learn it to fight, I want to learn it for self defence. Also I am starting aikido soon. Not next week, week after I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
You want to learn aikido for self-defense, and you want to know if it's any good? Tell me first, what kind of attacks are you experiencing? How often are you attacked, who's doing the attacking, why are they attacking you, are they unarmed or armed, carrying weapons, what?

I suspect your answer to this will be something like, "Er, well, I haven't ever actually been attacked except for that time in school when that kid got mad when I bumped into him, but I want to know just in case!" That's fine too, but if you're serious about wanting to learn aikido for self-defense, you need to be willing to honestly and realistically assess what the most likely attack would be like -- and also, how likely it is. Too many people go into the martial arts fantasizing about the kind of "self-defense" that almost never happens outside the movies, when in reality they're more likely to get into a "self-defense" situation if they get drunk and go aggro on some stranger in a bar (or whatever).

Finally, you need to ask yourself -- given that your fantasy attack scenario will likely never materialize unless you behave in an exceptionally stupid fashion, and that any threats you're likely to encounter can probably most effectively be dealt with using simple prudence and common sense -- if that's sufficient reason for you to train aikido, or any other martial art. If self-defense is your only driver, I'd say that's not a good enough reason to train. It might be enough reason to get you on the mat, though, after which you might discover other reasons. But don't go into it hoping to be Badass Streetfighter in a month -- you won't get what you're after and the attitude won't be well-received.
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