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Angela Dunn
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Re: Starting aikido?

Wow okay lets see...

What do you learn when you start,
I think this will vary between styles and dojos but as a red belt I learn't How to safely do a backward role, forward role, Ikkyo (a type of pin) from ai hammai Kata Tori (basic take down, spelt completly wrong I suspect so sorry about that) and *Struggles to remember now* erm tai sabaki and oh yeah Ai Hammai Kata Tori (a grasp) Irimi nage (a type of throw.) and irimi nage from shomen uchi (a type of strike) That was for the begainers program and its well worth learning how to do these well as these form the basis for a lot of the higher grade stuff.

how long does it take before you can use it in a fight?
I try not to get into fights as well totally not a fighter. Someone else will have to answer that for you however I think that would depend on how quick you learn stuff properly with a sensei and not just from videos.

Is it effective in a fight?
Theres debates on this elsewhere in this forumn but as a way from defending youself in a fight then I would say yes. As a way of fighting possibly not.

Is it really effective against multiple attackers?
Once you move up the ranks you will learn stuff with multipal attackers, in my organisation thats black belt stuff, randori woith multipal attackers its called and just watching it I would say Oh Yes!

Is it hard to learn?
Again I think that depends on a couple of factors , how co-ordinated you are , how often you can get to class, again how easy you pick up new skills and how well your Sensei's teaching style and your way of learning gels . I can pick up some stuff pretty easily and other moves I can find really confusing. I have poor co-ordination and my ballance is not so good so I can find learning moves a bit frustrating but do get the hang of it eventually.

Is it worth being learnt?
Definatly, but it works for me, I find it fun and the people I train with are a good bunch. I would say thoughAikido does not suite everyone but give it a month or two before you decide if it is worth it for you.
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