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Re: Starting aikido?


Well, to begin with, Muay Thai and Aikido are two entirely different martial arts.
MT will teach you how to take someone down hard by hurting them until they can't fight you any more, while Aikido have the intention of taking someone down, without hurting them. (of course, every technique can be used to bring someone down without hurting anyone can just as easily be used to injure them)
So what we have here are two directly opposed philosophies.

to defeat someone without hurting them are much much harder than kick and punch someone and so will take a long long time before one can say it can be used for self-defence. Several years in fact, while MT probably can be used just after a few months.

In Aikido, just learning how to fall after being thrown takes a couple of months, and that's what you'll be doing in training for the first months.

If its worth it? definitely, myself ive made a lot of friends, has had great fun, getting exercise amd improved my self confidence.
But can I take care of myself in a fight yet? (after 1 year) ... maybe..
I wouldn't start a fight to beat people up exactly, but i'm more confident i would be able to take care of myself better than one year ago at least, and that's good enough for me..

And I would say it certainly doesn't hurt against multiple attackers. Most martial arts only focus on one opponent, and in a ring, with rules. At least Aikido recognizes that there are no rules, and a person attacking you might not come alone.
But those same lessons to increase ones awareness of ones surroundings could as easily be used with MT or any other martial art.

And there ya go, i'd say that while Aikido would certainly be used for self-defence, if it was my intention of learning strictly self-defence, I'd go to another martial art..

Uke Iacta Est
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