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Re: Objecting to "Traditional Respect"

John Matsushima wrote: View Post
So, it seems that you are saying that bowing at times carries absolutely no form of respect and is used as a form of deception. That is pretty far out explanation, I think, far from how bowing is used in Aikido.
Agreed, bowing like that is not part of aikido.
The reason I bow during aikido practice is because it's what you're supposed to do. It's good manners to perform that particular movement at that particular time. It's a ritualistic action. The idea that ritualistic actions should have a meaning (i.e. are a sign of something) is only present in the three Abrahamic religions, so it probably does not apply to aikido.

For those who think that bowing is a form of worship, then consider that a bow of respect is different in that with respect, it is returned.
Then the portrait of O-sensei at my former dojo was broken, because it most definitely did not bow back to me.
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