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Re: Ki vs. Intent

Bernd Lehnen wrote: View Post
Hello Ron,
I’m absolutely “genki” with what you say.

When I turn on my Japanese mood, there isn’t any more this clear distinction between mind and body. It’s then more “one in the other and not without”.
Phi’s mindless energy, which is also in a rice corn, in my western mood I would call vitality or life-force. And, in fact, your pronounced “and” in “mind and body” lead me to the western-minded-idea to name this “and” an “interface of vitality” as a substitute for ki.

In my western mood I try to extend or expand my conscious awareness all over my body and feel everything. I try to think my body into moving and that’s enough work, for sure.

Crazy, isn’t it.

Would be interesting to see Chris Li’s point of view.
Take care

I'm not sure what you're asking about, but the mind/intent/ki/strength division is an old Chinese standard - the three internal harmonies, not really a western conception...

I'll add this comment on Ron's, since it was kind of connected:

Ron Ragusa wrote:
Hugh, Cady, Mary E, Jonathan, Bernd, Phi and I have all expressed ideas about how intent and ki are related/differentiated in this thread. The metaphors, meanings and visualizations are unique to each individual. So what's the common denominator that weaves a continuous thread connecting us all? Aikido, pure and simple. Despite our varied viewpoints the fact that we can get on the mat and train together for our mutual benefit is Aikido's greatest asset.

It's nice that Aikido folks can get together and play - but that's hardly unique to Aikido, I've seen the same thing in many arts.

It's interesting that you say "for our mutual benefit", because that's the slogan of Judo - "Mutual Welfare and Benefit."!



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