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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

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Mostly, one is incapable of achieving an enviroment that replicates your life being on the line. Everything is much more random and even good technique might not be your 'savior'. It might be a mindful observation of a car or a streetlight casting a shadow that helps you out, a ridiculous scream or a wandering idiot who you call out to like a friend that helps.Things you cannot replicate or provide. Point is, you don't know and a lifetime of training is still no guarantee. But train anyway. It comes down to the moment.
Great Post Sista Soul Jah Sufer!!!

I am still alive today because of two main material constructs which cannot be fully replicated no matter hard and realistic my training....

Seconds and Centimeters.

Training may have helped a tiny bit but not much.

Aikido Training can only help change me and guide me to embrace my powerlessness over much of the physical world. People... Places... and Things. The best I can hope for is an authentic connection with the "moment" and this "connection" has resolved every 'pontential" conflict I have ever had... Emotional... Spiritual... and Physical. When I am not connected... I give into fear.... and then anger... I have only hurt myself and the "other" I have chosen to "fight"

Sorry Folks if I sound like a Malibu Hippy Punk Red Neck Liberal Zen Catholic Nut Job Surf Guy...

Practice Hard.

William Hazen
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