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Patrick Crane
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Re: Poll: How important is facing your own meekness in improving your aikido?

From my tiny little beginner standpoint, I don't think my personal level of meekness or aggression has anything to do with aikido yet.
I'm still just trying to get through each class from a physical fitness pov and hopefully not have to stop and tape up any of my toes.
I'm still just trying to do what they're telling me to do, remember the name of it, and remember how it went by the time I get home so I can at least go over the foot positioning before bedtime.

I have noticed certain students like to play rougher than others...more towards the "Rambo" end of the Jo. Since I played football and hockey as a kid, that's all good with me, and I'm guessing that's probably where I'll end up too.
Even those students tend to play a little nicer with me anyway because I'm sure they know they could easily rip my arm out of my socket and hand it to me if they're not careful.

I just don't think I'm anywhere near the level yet where my attitude, mindset or mood that day, greatly effects what I'm doing on the mat.
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