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Re: Training at Aikikai Hombu Dojo - Experiences

John Matsushima wrote: View Post
I think you forgot to bow.

Instead, you walk in with your own expectations, with your head held high and became offended because you hit your head on the door.
First of all I don't understand why foreigners get so offended to hear the word "gaijin" in their presence. If you are not Japanese, then no matter how much sushi you eat, or J-pop you listen to, you ARE a foreigner, so get used to it.
Secondly, it blows my mind that people come to Japan and are offended when Japanese people don't speak English. Why don't you speak Japanese???? So even if Mr. Shihan spoke to you instead of your Japanese uke, would you even understand?

I think it's funny how there is so much talk about Aikido not being enough like a real budo, but then people complain about training seriously in a tense atmosphere. Was this just a stop on your sightseeing tour? Did you come to socialize or find a Japanese girlfriend?

So, you visited someone else's dojo, you should be grateful that they even let you on the mat and took any time at all to attempt to teach you anything. Learn to have some gratitude and respect, especially when you are in someone else's house.
Spot on. I have not been to Japan but there's no chance you'd catch me moaning about not being spoken to in english in the Hombo dojo!

So the experience wasn't what you'd dreamed of? What did you expect? They'd all speak perfect english, crack jokes and invite you out for a beer afterwards?

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