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Re: Training at Aikikai Hombu Dojo - Experiences

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
He was disappointed, not offended.

Because it has a negative connotation?

Do you speak the language of every country you visit? If I visit the main dojo of the international organization that is the Aikikai, why would I need to speak Japanese?

As far as I know he did not go to Doshu to complain about the crappy atmosphere in his dojo. He made a post on Aikiweb, described his experience and asked how visiting Hombu Dojo was for other people. You seem to confuse having gratitude and respect with abandoning critical thought and information gathering.
Thanks Joep I'm glad someone understood the purpose of my post.

I wasn't expecting to be taught in English but of course I would appreciate some attempt to be made to communicate to me what he was trying to get at which was what visiting hombu instructors do when they go abroad.

Peter's explanation in that they only focus on the regulars in a way makes sense. After all visitors come and go...and on a practical side it makes sense to focus on YOUR dojo's regulars.

It still is unfortunate though considering that although Hombu dojo has its own dedicated hombu students, it is also the dojo of the world. In a way it might be a clash of these two roles that resulted in this.

That being said, in its current setup, most visitors will end up training with other visitors. The one partner per session rules makes it difficult for visitors to experience what they go expecting to which is to train with at least some Hombu students/instructors. After all, many of us where Aikido is a relatively small scene and don't always have access to high level Shihans would love to feel the differences of an Aikidoka practicing at the very heart of Aikido. That being said, of course they aren't just 'dummies' for us to experience Aikido, but promoting some mingling would be great where you get to feel visitors from around the world and their interpretation of Aikido and also Hombu's own interpretation.

I feel a lot better about this now.

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