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Re: Dan Harden Workshop Nov 6 & 7 Santa Ana, CA

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
As for Howard's advice......there were a few who didn't take it.........
Howard Popkin wrote: View Post
you mean about the hitting ??? Ouch man...
I'm not so sure I would agree with this since Dan was clearly pulling the hits and left plenty of juice in the bag. While one or two did take a modest shot or two the really interesting part about it was the way the hits only resulted in Dan being ready to let out a few more - no windup to speak of and no 'release' to have to recover from.

I took a weenie little shot to the chest (weenie in terms of the 'effort' Dan put into it) and it was pretty danged solid ... I would not want to receive a 1/2 power punch - forget about a full power shot with evil intent driving it

I got exactly what I wanted out of the seminar - a set of solo and paired drills along with a reasonably cogent explanation of what to do and how to do it.

I'll be going to another of Dans seminar when he comes back around this way and I heartily recommend others get some hands on time as well.

I don't know the whole story but basically Dan has been pressured to get out and share what he does because it is pretty nifty. That someone could put that kind of pressure on Dan surely means alcoholic beverages were involved (FYI-that's a joke). I think Dan has done an admirable job of putting together a seminar friendly syllabus. Be sure to take notes because after the first day your brain will be too full to comprehend.

I could go into the aspects and impressions I had that could be classified as negative comments but I don't see the point (besides I'd rather go over that with Dan). If one does not want to go see Dan I'm not going to be able to convince you and if you do want to see Dan nothing I'd say would dissuade. Fence sitters ... keep sitting because the drills are too much exertion for sitting around on a fence and you don't want to get all sweaty.

For now my new goal is to train my fanny off until I can kick Dans butt (with appropriate amounts of loving intent). I don't think he is going to be losing any sleep over that ... for now.

A good bunch of folks who only wanted to help us get better. What's the best way to say thanks for that? Train your tail off so next time Dan won't point and say 'fail'.

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