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Re: Pain

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I've got rheumatoid arthritis. Tell me what I'm "doing wrong".
I am very sorry for offending you!
I apoligize for being only focused on answering a certain statement and not discussing the issue in whole.

Well, first:
I myself suffer from rheumatism. Even if its not arthritis and can be helped and controlled medicinally by now, I know very well what you are talking about.

If you read my statement as an answer to Szczepan Janczuk you might get that neither he nor me talked about your or my illness: On the contrary I think, you would feel very alive even without pain, won't you?
In my case waking up and noting "no pain today" was a signal I wasn't "cold dead" but alive (And well: My illness began when I was 22, not 45.)

The pain we suffer because of illnesses like rheumathism are not what is suffered when doing budo an maybe applying nikyo.
It is a very different phenomenon: Practicing while suffering from certain injuries or illness teaches to differentiate between the pain given by my body, by myself and the pain inflicted by my partner.
aahhh I can't bring my thought into english ...

@ Maarten:
Don't know whether you know Christian Tissier, Frank Noel, Jean-Luc Subileau?
Those French teachers supposed pain to be a very usefull tool in "the old days". Aikido was considered to be good aikido, the more it did hurt. I myself was taught this way also and I practiced the first maybe 10 years or so like that.

If you listen to the same teachers by now, they tell you, that those days are gone and that they have gone one step further.

Both nikyo and kote gaeshi don't inflict pain the way they are done without inflicting pain. Hm, try videos of Endo Sensei on youtube to see how it works ...

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