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Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
That sounds like a very difficult situation and I wish the best for you and your family.

By the way, I'm no Doctor so take this with a grain of salt.

Your symptoms sound similar to sciatica, mock sciatica or piriformis syndrome. The piriformis runs over the sciatic nerve bundles that run through the greater and lesser sciatic notch. Sometimes the piriformis reaches a state of hypertonicity and presses the sciatic nerve bundles into the bony notches, causing serious pain, tingling, burning sensations, numbness, etc. A good massage therapist may be able to help you, but I would clear it with your doctor first.

You probably know this already but I am just trying to be helpful. Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks, yeah, I'm aware of it. Right in the middle of all these problems my pre-existing back problem flared and that in turn also involves piriformis syndrome with me. The problem this raises with the issue I have now with the statin drugs is that the side effect affects muscular damage and healing. So although I was able to do what I could to get the back to "let go", the spasmed piriformis has been remarkably, um, hesitant to relax. I've had a couple sessions with the massage therapist, but for some reason it doesn't seem to help. Possibly due to the side effect of the statins. So... Slow but steady it is getting better. It is just taking its sweet time.

Told the wife that what I really need is a jacuzzi for the workshop... She's been a great support, but she wasn't exactly sympathetic to the "Keith needs a jacuzzi for his sore butt" idea.

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