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Re: Easy ikkyo, painless nikkyo, attacking nikkyo?

I think the fact that uke is either placed or places (himself) to keep his feet still is what is raising the issues and their solutions here. I know that a lot of folks do Nikyo from the front like that, with Uke just standing there and going down and tapping from the pain, but I personally don't feel that pain compliance is or should be a part of any lock or pin. For me, locks should include throws, and this means that locks and pins are no more than ways of following and/or controlling descents. From this perspective, it's really quite problematic to have a guy just standing there till you do Nikyo on him (long before he performs the counter in the video). For me, any time you have a guy just standing there, he can push through your center, establish his own, etc., and counter a technique. However, if you have him already in an angle of disturbance prior to applying a pin or a lock, of if you are not where they can push, when they push or attempt to push into your center or try to establish their own, rather than countering they tend to add force to their own angle of disturbance (i.e. they fall faster, easier).


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