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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Only from guys like yourself Graham , otherwise it was never mentioned.
Nippon was great and so are the people, generous to a fault and I couldn't have wished for a better holiday.....
Managed to get some training in, Shodokan of course.... Attended the 49th conveyor belt aikido demo where I saw a few well known faces and had my photo taken with a couple, the funny part is me being a heretic which is even more hilarious....!!
But it was worth it!! You wouldn't believe where I was sat!!!!!
Managed to do a few repairs where it was needed for friends. Had a great time with them......Experienced a few tremors while on the wonderful rear end cleaning loos as that is quite an experience if the water is too hot or cold, whoopeee!! Matelots would love it, shampoo and rinse.....!! And a dryer all in one, Did the whole Japanese bit, Sushi, miso soup (don't like it) but everything else was allright and very delicious, lots of beer and sake and bottomless legs which they thought I had!!. Sumo tournament, the hot springs, and so forth, not sure about the boys there though?
Did a sardine train one night on the Yamanote line, I was lucky that I was surrounded by women and had my hands up on the stirrups!! No flies on this kid!!
The country is beautiful, but many are still suffering while the politicians dither on the east coast, but much is being done by those in the know.... They are a tough lot in the country, but that is the contrast between city folk and country bumpkins like myself....
Tokyo cabbies think us British cabbies have very high standards, but so do they, a tad more expensive but clean and honest in the main....
I could go on but it would get boring. I have dubbed Shibuya "titty" land on account of one of it's shops in the area it's the one with all the escalators but I forget the name of the building. Roppongi reminded me of Singapore but more up market as to what it was when I was there in 1970.... Went to a drag show there where they really did have ki ti's in the cast of dancers who were very good..... One of my friends didn't realise they were men.... titter....
Its a good experience and I will go again, Nippon that is.....
Brilliant. Sounds great. Thanks for that. Did you say you did some training? You mean by Japanese??? I'm glad you exploded that myth then because on reading some folks here I was beginning to think they don't teach Geijin. Mmm, or maybe they didn't teach you their secret techniques.

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