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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

I'm glad I brought up that aside because those are great points about Sons and Daughters of Unusual Fathers, Ellis. O Sensei was free to choose his own way. How free was Kisshomaru Sensei to choose his own life? And how free was the present Doshu? and the next Doshu? In any event Kisshomaru Sensei seemed to accept that mantle of duty selflessly.

As I said I think Kisshomaru Sensei was primarily an academic and an historian. I don't think Kisshomaru Sensei had charisma in the normal sense but he was a sincere likeable man and he generated fierce loyalty and goodwill. Was that loyalty solely because of his father or because of his own efforts and sense of duty? And how much of that loyalty and goodwill was inherited by his son the present Doshu (and how much will be inherited by his grandson)?

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