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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Nidai Doshu, too, was a great man - proof of which that he could accept and lead men who were far more skilled and charismatic than he.
Ellis Amdur
Hello Ellis,

It is the skill and charismatic bit that I an uncertain about. Clearly, by comparison with Takeda and his father, Kisshomaru lacked both. However, I am less sure about a similar comparison with those he led--for he also had both, and in spades. I presume you mean by those he led the Hombu deshi from Tamura Nobuyoshi onwards.

By the way, my new IAF General Secretary and I am planning to interview Tada Sensei and ask the questions that Stan Pranin and others never asked (Tada Sensei has accepted and we have already begun preparations to set up the interview). As you probably know, Tamura Sensei is now very ill, so Tada is really the last of the postwar deshi who had strong links with Morihei Ueshiba.



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