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Re: What is "combat"?

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You probably know this- The Kidotai (those black armored Tokyo riot police) agree- They are required to complete the famously grueling, year long Yoshinkan boot camp before they get their button. And nobody thinks they're not ready for duty.

Civilian students at Hombu that get the nod from Kancho can enter the Senshusei course, too. That's like letting civilians into Navy Seal training!

I do. And we probably have two completely different ideas on what that means that we will never be able to adequately hash out on the Internet.

Many police Stateside are required to train in antiquated and inadequate training methods for what they do.

We have no idea if that is the case with the Kidotai, if they do that course for the grueling part of the training and not the techniques, if they do that training and then go to the Judo dojo "for the real stuff," or if they combine that course with all sorts of other things to make what they do work for them.

We don't know that half the team thinks the class is a waste of time but would never challenge the status quo because that just isn't done...

That is the point I am making about assuming too much value to a "martial art" versus a combative system. The two are not the same. I know cops that think Systema is a great system for armed professionals, and I know cops that think it will get someone killed.

What does that all mean? I don't think there is a real answer to that question. Certainly not one that can be solved without being in the same room.
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